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Professional fibre cable termination, Part 1

This is a series of articles that we created to acquaint you with the knowledge about the fibre termination procedures and practises.


Professional fibre cable termination

Part 1, General info


Fiber optic cables can be terminated in a few ways, the bare fibre core is usually splice with a pigtail having a connector on one of the ends that can then mate with another using an adaptor or connect to a piece of network gear, some of the fibres are joint together using a mechanical splice technique but due to volatile light loss of such a connection this should be considered as a temporary option only.

Some of the fibres called patchcords are a type of a rigidified preterminated fibre cores having two same or two different connectors each end.

Making the fibre installed where the optical signal loss is kept as low as possible and the joints protected against dirt or damage in use is definitely within a good manner scheme that makes it working well for many years. There is no area of the fiber optics installation that have to be given more attention than its termination.

There is over 80 styles of connectors and many ways to install them but fortunately for only a few types are used in the most of occasions. There are different connectors, pigtails and splice termination procedures for singlemode and multimode fibre core type, its essential you know what is the fiber will be before you specify connectors or splices.









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